Ring Magazine New Faces Q&A

What has been the best night of pro career and why:

NH: “My pro debut because it was the first-time people were cheering for me instead of against me.”

What are your thoughts on facing Jozsef Ajtai on December 2?

NH: “I’m blessed to have this opportunity so quick and I can’t wait to get the job done.” I have this bio from your amateurs it says what he achieved Internationally. What did he do domestically? How many National titles etc.

“Eight-rime Ringside World Champion and six-time consecutive (first time ever) Silver Glove National Champion, in addition to being the 2014 National Golden Gloves Championship and USA Youth Men’s National Championship (2013) gold medalist.”

What big names have you sparred with as a pro?

NH: “None.”

What do you feel is your best attribute as a fighter is?

NH: “Being able to adapt to different styles.”

The fighters in the smaller weight classes generally advance quicker than the bigger guys. It's obviously early but how far do you feel you are from being at the top level?

NH: “I feel I’m not too far away right now and that I could compete at the top level right now.”

What were your early years like in Wichita?

NH: “I grew up poor with my father working a lot.”

How did you first come across boxing? How old were you when you first started boxing?

NH: “I was in a lot of had street fights growing up and when I was nine I told my dad that I wanted to box. We saw my uncle Pat, who was a boxing coach, at church and my father told him I wanted to learn to box. The next day he picked me up and we started to train.”

Who is your boxing hero?

NH: “I wouldn’t say he’s my hero but Vasyl Lomachenko is my favorite boxer.”

Away from boxing what do you like to do?

NH: “Spend time with my family and friends.”

Amateur record: 123-12

Trainer: Lewis Hernandez (his father)

Promoter: John Andersen (KO Night Boxing LLC)

Twitter: @NicoMHernandez

Marla Finn